Service distribution process in Netca

Keep a ask for assessment

Submit your registration app to decide on the appropriate service and obtain advice from Netca.

Produce a software installment invoice web template

Companies are beginning to generate e-invoice notifications, determination documents, and web templates for receipts or e-unique professional services.

Deploy and make use of - get outcomes

Netca in the future received an entire handling demand. In some days, firms can formally take advantage of the service.

Advantages of Netca e-invoice

Save your time

One of the biggest benefits associated with digital invoicing is greater productiveness.

You will find not quite as several operations for developing electronic digital invoices in Netca as conventional invoicing, organizations can readily create and employ statements in the actual supplier's method.

E-invoice at Netca is an e-invoice control option for enterprises. Supporting companies save your time by making use of digital signatures as opposed to primary signatures on invoices.

Saving money

Electronic statements at Netca contribute to cost savings for companies, consumers ... changing cumbersome and costly paper invoices.

E-invoice at Netca is undoubtedly an e-invoice management option for companies. Supporting organizations save your time by making use of electronic digital signatures rather than immediate signatures on invoices.

Netca's e-invoicing and electronic unique option will assist organizations conserve hundreds of countless VND annually by reduction of the cost of keeping, publishing, transporting invoices, and more.

Consumer safety

Numerous popular problems including: Reduction in statements throughout delivery service, loss of memory space in the course of processing or unauthorized accessibility will not be an issue for the Netca process with a info preservation period of time greater than a decade.

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